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39th Street Gallery and Corridor Exhibition Space
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A Project of the Gateway Community Development Corporation.
John Paradiso – Curator of Programs

39th STREET GALLERY: “Unspeakable”
Leslie Holt

39th STREET CORRIDOR: “Stitched Queer Baltimore”
A Group Exhibition

May 14 – June 25 June 30, 2016

Saturday,   May 14   5:00-8:00 pm

The Gallery is open 7:00-9:00 pm Thursday,
12:00-3:00 pm Saturday,
and by appointment:  John Paradiso –

Saturday, June 25 at 1:00 pm — Please join the 39th Street Gallery for an artist talk with our current Artist‑in‑Residence, Jodi Ferrier.  Jodi has been Gateway's A.I.R. for the last 4 months.  We have enjoyed her time at the A.I.R. studio and look forward to hearing her talk about her work and her time at the Gateway Arts Center.

UNSPEAKABLE, Paintings by Leslie Holt, will be extended through Thursday, June 30.  Check it out before it closes.


39th Street Gallery
Leslie Holt
Courtesy Curator's Office

“In the Unspeakable series I incorporate imagery from art historical representations of distraught women, including the preparatory sketches for Guernica.  These women are raw emotion.  Some are grotesque, nearly vulgar, with the distortions despair causes, while others are tender and vulnerable.  Stains of saturated acrylic paint hover over the figures like daunting clouds.  The stains hold history and reveal unruly, wordless memories.”  —  Leslie Holt

In her recent series, Unspeakable, Holt embroiders meticulous line drawings of figures sourced from Pablo Picasso´s famous political war lamentation, Guernica (1937), and its preparatory sketches.  Other artistic sources for her figures include the women in Vincent Van Gogh´s Sorrow (1882) and Käthe Kollwitz´s Hunger (1922).  Situating these figures on unprimed canvas beside puddles of dripped paint or on blank grounds, Holt imbues the composition´s negative space and the canvas´s very materiality with ghosts of expunged drama.  The paint stains are substitute loci of crisis; the embroidered lines are umbilical cords to unseen tragedy.  That which is not visible is indeed unspeakable.

Andrea Pollan, Curator's Office

Leslie Holt - 'Unspeakable (Guernica Sketch 7)', 2016

LESLIE HOLT is from Bethesda, Maryland and in 2012 returned to the DC metro area after living in St. Louis for 20 years.  She received a BFA in Painting at Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA in Painting at Washington State University . She is currently Co-director of Red Dirt Studio, a warehouse studio for a small group of independently practicing artists and creative professionals in Mt. Rainier, MD.  In addition to her studio practice, Leslie teaches at Art Works Now in Mount Rainier, MD; Prince Georges Parks and Recreation in Greenbelt, MD; and online for Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO.  She exhibits her work nationally and is represented by the David Lusk Gallery in Memphis and Curator's Office in Washington, DC.

ANDREA POLLAN, Owner of the Curator's office:
Founder Andrea Pollan is a trained art historian with a degree from Yale University.  She has spent over 30 years in the art world.  She is primarily a curator and has organized over 250 exhibitions and written numerous catalogs and brochures.  Pollan worked in the non-profit sector of the art world for almost 20 years.  In her role as gallerist, she founded Curator’s Office, a commercial gallery, in 2004.  Additionally Pollan is a writer, corporate and private art collection manager, art appraiser, educator, collector, and arts activist.  She won a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1994 and has been an active member of ArtTable since 2004.

As a young arts activist, she conceived and designed the internationally acclaimed and documented protest to project Robert Mapplethorpe’s images on the outside walls of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in June of 1989 after the museum suddenly canceled the exhibition due to government pressure.  She and William Wooby asked light artist Rockne Krebs to project the images.  ARTFORUM later used a photograph of this protest by artist Frank (Tico) Herrera on its cover.


39th Street Corridor


This group of artist's includes Maryland Institute College of Art, students, teachers, and community stitchers.  The exhibition explores GLBTQ Baltimoreans.

Artists: Kira Keck, Jesse Satterfield, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Helah Cooper, Ursula Populoh, Karolina Bartosik, Sammie Miller, Madeline McConnell, Danni Tsuboi, Kevin Lowenthal, Bennie Krause, Valeska Populoh, Susie Brandt, Piper Shepard, Annet Couwenberg, Aaron McIntosh, Kat Zotti, Joseph E. Malson, Aubrey Longley-Cook, Erin Dowd, Xander Dumas, Elliot Mittens, Alexandra Rae Ciardullo, Ellie MacInnes, Hannah Jeremiah, Joeseph Malsom, Meagan Thigpen, and Melissa Rogers.

'Stitched Queer Baltimore' - A Group Exhibition

Alexandra Rae Ciardullo -  'John Waters'


Current Artist-in-Residence

Jodi Ferrier

“The break up of space, positive verses negative, has also always intrigued me.  The alluring shapes created between the stagnant objects on a table, the seductive space between a vase of flowers and a single pear, the exciting forms created between the arms of chair and the legs of a model capture me much more than the objects themselves.  Using that simple concept of turning the negative into the positive is what I would like to explore further as I deepen my understanding of color, relationships and materials.”  —  Jodi Ferrier

Jodi Ferrier - Artist-in-Residence

“Painting for me, has never been about creating a pretty picture, rather a process, a journey truly not knowing where or how it will end.  When I start a painting, I am not trying to recreate what I see, rather what I feel.  In looking for subject matter, I search for structure that evokes emotion within me.”  —  Jodi Ferrier

Jodi Ferrier - Artist-in-Residence


Saturday,  Jun 25  –  1:00-3:00 pm

Please join the 39th Street Gallery
for an artist talk with our current Artist‑in‑Residence, Jodi Ferrier, about her work and her time at the Gateway Arts Center.

Thursday,  Jun 9  –  7:00-9:00 pm

Please join the 39th Street Gallery
with artist Leslie Holt in conversation with Andrea Pollan, Owner of the Curator's Office, on Leslie's current solo exhibition,

Recently at the
39th Street Gallery

Elizabeth Burden

The works in “Cartographies: Indictments and Impunities” are one reflection on the conundrums connected to killings by police/police killings.  They are abstractions, creative representations that map the spaces and places where individuals have lost their lives, families have mourned, communities have questioned.

Elizabeth Burden - 'Hands Up Don't Shoot'

The University of Maryland's Art Honors Exhibition


A group exhibition featuring
Sobia Ahmed, Avid Antonelli, Brennan Cox, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, Rachel Lebo, Grant McFarland, and Korey Richardson.

The UMD Art Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated excellence in studio courses and achieved a high level of academic success.

Admission to the Honors Program is based on credit level (class standing), overall and major GPA and, most importantly, portfolio review.

The University of Maryland's Art Honors Exhibition featuring Sobia Ahmed, Avid Antonelli, Brennan Cox, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, Rachel Lebo, Grant McFarland, and Korey Richardson

A video installation by Tim McLoraine

“Layering video within video, All that we see or seem explores the ways in which our personal histories amass to create the interpretive frameworks for how we live in the world, and the density of narrative that we each bring to both the profound and mundane.”

Tim McLoraine creates video art and experimental film that appears in settings as varied as gallery installations, public art, concert, opera and theater.

"All that we see or seem" - A video installation by Tim McLoraine

by writer and photographer Timothy Gerken

“I accumulate images and then edit; creating a narrative from ideas I see in the photographs.  On the wall, the narrative develops as fiction as the photographs build off each other and through the cultural lens of the viewer, who transfers meaning into the relatively straightforward photographs.”  —  T. Gerken

Timothy Gerken is a writer and photographer who lives in the Leatherstocking region of Central New York.  He teaches writing and runs the gallery space at SUNY Morrisville.  Recent work include curating “Changing Landscape” at the Earlville Opera House and creating “Floating” a video installation on the Hamilton Green.

Timothy has been a MacDowell Colony Fellow and Edward Albee Foundation Fellow.  His education includes a PhD from Fordham University, an MFA from Brooklyn College, an MS from Southern CT State College, and a BS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

"Contradictions and that Line about Self-Destruction" by writer and photographer Timothy Gerken

Featuring artists from the ezStorage Studios:
Chidinma Dureke, Melissa Ezelle, Melissa Glasser, Tom Hill, Wayson Jones, Imani Russell, Gilbert Trent, Denise Wamaling, and Mark Wamaling

Summer Show 2015 - ezStorage Studios Artists

Mixed media paintings by Kyujin Lee

“In the spirit of Surrealist automatism, I begin by creating spontaneous marks on paper or canvas; I often just brush over, splatter, and/or spill water-based pigments on it.  Deliberations follow such accidents as I wait to observe and refine images, with which I compose visual narratives. ...”  —  Kyujin Lee

Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1972, Kyujin Lee received her MFA from the City College of the City University of New York in 1997 and her MA from the Teacher College, Columbia University in 2000.  Since Fall 2001, she has been living, working, and teaching art in Washington, DC.

Kyujin Lee - "I Will Fix You" (2007) - Ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, tissue paper on paper, 30" x 22 1/2"

Stephen Honicki

“Whether it be a classic Hitchcock mystery or a contemporary daytime soap opera, the dramatic interplay between characters in a make-believe world has strongly influenced my work as an artist.  As a photographer, my intent is for viewers to see my images as a series of dramatic vignettes unfolding before their eyes.  Through these photographs, the viewer is able to get a glimpse into various ‘scenes’ of my life – sometimes semi-autobiographical – sometimes ‘dislocated’ stories from those in my life at the time.  I see myself as a ‘visual storyteller’ dealing with the underlying themes of love, relationships, loss, and hope.”  —  Stephen Honicki

Stephen Honicki - "Out of Control" (2007), archival pigment print, 5" x 7"

Andrew Burans, Eric Gabriel, Maya Harrison, Lauren Jeyoon Lee, Peter Sibrin, Rrezart Beqa, Siena Roccograndi

Please join the 39th Street Gallery for an exhibit of 7 young artists from the University of Maryland's Art Honors Program.

The Honors Program provides a special experience for a select group of qualified Studio Art majors during their senior year.  This highly competitive program is designed for students who have demonstrated excellence in studio courses and achieved a high level of academic success.

University of Maryland's Art Honors Program


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