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All programming at the Gateway CDC's 39th Street Gallery are generously supported by the MNCPPC's Department of Parks and Recreation, Arts and Cultural Heritage Division, Prince George's County.


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Previously at the
39th Street Gallery

paintings by Brennan Emmett Cox

Serving as a visual erasure of modern advertisements, Brennan Emmett Cox's work examines the superficiality of consumerism.  His subjects burst and blot under the eroding forces of water and turpentine, and what was once the image of a person becomes a sensuous collection of lines and limbs stripped of identity.  With varying painting techniques and materials, Cox's work plays with dimensionality and language, imbuing his figurative abstractions with absurd poetry.

SWEET WITH ROT: Brennan Emmett Cox


a group exhibition from Passageways Artists' Studios –
Marie Crow, Ric Garcia, Debbie Hoeper, Marla McLean, Delia Mychajluk, Artemis O'Connor, Stephanie O'Grady, Ronnie Spiewak, and George Tuggle

Passageways Artists' Studios provide a congenial working environment and an opportunity to interact, collaborate, exhibit with, and learn from colleagues.  The studio is an eclectic group working in painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, collage, sculpture, tapestry, quilting, and fiber arts.  The artistic style of the studio is diverse and evolving, to include traditional realism, abstract, and pop art.

Passageways Artists' Studios was founded in 1991.

COTERIE: Passageways Artists' Studios - Marie Crow, Ric Garcia, Debbie Hoeper, Marla McLean, Delia Mychajluk, Artemis O'Connor, Stephanie O'Grady, Ronnie Spiewak, and George Tuggle


a group exhibition of the University of Maryland's Art Honors Program
featuring Grace DeWitt, Delaney Green, Emmie Healey,
Esther Eunjin Lee, Charlotte Mann, Erica Ryan, HyoWon Sices

The UMD Art Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated excellence in studio courses and achieved a high level of academic success.  Admission to the Honors Program is based on credit level (class standing), overall and major GPA, and most importantly, portfolio review.

Grace DeWitt, Delaney Green, Emmie Healey, Esther Eunjin Lee, Charlotte Mann, Erica Ryan, HyoWon Sices


an installation by Laura Elkins

AMERICA SELFIE is a portrait of America now, a contemporary psychosexual take on history painting that uses current events, American history, and national symbols, with contemporary and art historical imagery to explore and develop a portrait of America.

This exhibition, is a response to the specific configuration of the 39th Street Gallery and is a redesign of the initial site-specific installation at the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi in 2017.

"America Selfie", 2017, detail, acrylic on Tyvec, by Laura Elkins


Bryan Hoffman, David Marquardt

FACE VALUE is an exhibition of portraits by Bryan Hoffman and David Marquardt.  As gay men, both artists have concerns around gender, identity, and sexuality.  Both artists are driven by a desire to know their subjects and put their beauty on display.

Bryanís series of paintings focus on transgender, gay, and lesbian youth.  He has long standing relationships with his subjects and has witnessed their transitions, struggles, and successes in life.

Davidís series of paintings is born out of his desire to confront his own stereotypes of male escorts and erotic masseurs.  He chose to paint their portraits as a way of honoring these men.

Both artists want the viewer to challenge their assumptions about the people in these portraits, and to see their beauty, their worth, and their humanity.

"Dirk", Oil on Canvas, by David Marquardt and "Kristina Connects the Dots", Acrylic on Board, by Bryan Hoffman

(in the Main Gallery, featuring:)
Tim McLoraine,  Roz Racanello,  Robin Schaefer

(in the Corridor Gallery, featuring:)
Linda Hosek,  John Valceanu

In VIEWFINDERS, artists Tim McLoraine, Roz Racanello, and Robin Schaefer use the photograph and photographic image as the basis for the artwork displayed.  The end result is a variety of mixed media pieces with hand applications such as paint, pastel, and encasutic.

VIEWFINDERS - Roz Racanello, Tim McLoraine, and Robin Schaefer

In STRAIGHT SHOOTERS, photographers Linda Hosek and John Valceanu do their drawing within the boundaries of the camera and computer.  The end result is a variety of formal shots of street scenes, color blocking, and cropped abstractions.

 STRAIGHT SHOOTERS - Linda Hosek and John Valceanu

VIEWFINDERS and STRAIGHT SHOOTERS together create a compelling dialogue for the viewer to explore the many possibilities of photography and the photographic process.


Juliana Vallejo

“She fell into a dream, twenty years into the past, into the face that was not hers for so many years, into the face that vanished when death arrived  She woke up to a mix of unfamiliar faces resembling the one that was never there.  Now she stands up twisted looking at herself, in her so many forms.”  —  Juliana Vallejo

Juliana Vallejo

Juliana Vallejo is a Colombian artist residing in the Washington Metropolitan Area.  She received her B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia; where she was the recipient of the Undergraduate Research Grant Founding for her research in painting: Abstract Experiment.  She is a process-focused artist, the interaction between her with medium and surface plays an essential role in her art making.

Juliana's approach to art has been a constant self-exploration that translates into explosions of paint that create deconstructed forms.  Her main focus of work has been painting and drawing, although she is continually experimenting with new media that allow her to develop her own language and convey her buried thoughts.

Juliana Vallejo
Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

an intimate glimpse into the working process of monument sculptor, Joanna Campbell Blake (1977-2016)

The exhibition Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW was conceived as a way to acknowledge the first year anniversary of Joanna's death.  Joanna died on May 22, 2016, on her 39th birthday.  The exhibition includes art and artifacts from Joanna's studio including photographs, maquettes, video, and her reference library.

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

Joanna was a resident of Cottage City, Maryland and a native of Mobile, Alabama, with a studio in Brentwood, Maryland.  An acclaimed sculptor, Joanna was a graduate of Theodore High School and Auburn University.

Joanna was a key contributor to The National WWII Memorial.  Other works included "Undaunted in Battle" a memorial for a battle from the War of 1812, bas-relief panels honoring slaves at the Alexandria Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery in Virginia, and many more.  She was a rare talent with a beautiful and generous spirit.

Joanna also volunteered on the 39th Street Gallery's artist advisory group, a group of artists from the region that were a resource for the gallery in its early years, helping to shape the focus and programming at the gallery and instill our mission as a resource for artists.

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

Photographs from the exhibition will be on sale with all profits going to fund the Joanna Campbell Blake Stewardship Collection and the Joanna Campbell Blake Memorial Scholarship fund at Auburn University.

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

The gallery would like to thank Margaret Boozer and J.J. McCracken for co-curating the exhibition with special thanks to Ike Blake, Pete Duvall, and Frank Tybush for their contributions.


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